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Landingpage A/B testing
Case study

Determine the most effective way of registering through A/B testing.

I was able to design a landing page for Tibbaa (now Fancee), a ticketing platform. The focus was on optimizing the registration process.
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The question
How do we get more registration conversion?

We decided that we wanted to test whether a different way of registering would yield more conversions than the current way.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 15.20 2.png

Home Screen

Current registration process
On the homepage of the Tibbaa website there is a CTA for users to sign up for Tibbaa ticketing. When a user clicks on this CTA, a new screen will appear where the user can enter their details to create an account.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 14.19 2.png

Registration screen


After consultation with marketing, it was agreed to keep the content of the homepage the same in addition to some textual adjustments such as removing repetitive text blocks. This keeps the page clear & concise.
In the first design I used a dark image in the header, because I wanted to stay close to the current website in order to maintain website recognition. After receiving feedback that it looked too dark, I adjusted the design.
I decided to leave out the image completely and replace it with an even surface. By using an even surface, the text is more readable and the corporate identity gets emphasized.
Frame 17.png

First concept

Registration form component

To make the registration process intuitive and user-friendly, I applied the best practices surrounding a registration form that are in line with this project, such as:
  1. Keeping the registration form as short as possible so that the threshold for a user to register is lower.
  2. Verbalising button labels based on the action the user takes.
  3. The different design states are designed so that the user receives immediate feedback during interaction.
  4. Display the registration form immediately on the landing page, so that you no longer need to click through.
Version 1: The user fills in 3 fields to create an account.
Version 2: The user only leaves his email address and can create an account at a later time. Tibbaa's sales department can also reach the user by email.
Frame 16.png

Above version 1, below version 2


After the A/B testing had successfully run the results where shown. Version 2 outperformed Version 1 in sign-up conversions. This outcome validated our hypothesis that the initial sign-up hurdle was too high.

Final design

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